#wlolife monthly giveaway

Thank you for supporting Wild Life Outfitters and our current charity partner, Trees For The Future. 

We’re a small company looking to drive positive change in our society’s heath and wellbeing, by spending more time connecting with nature and the Great Outdoors. To help achieve this, we donate a % of our revenue to charities, and offer products and programs to encourage physical and mental health, through adventure activities. 

There are 2 things we love – happy customers, and new adventures – so each month we’re gifting outdoor gear to one lucky customer! To enter the draw, simply answer the 7 questions below – that’s it!

We will randomly draw a winner at the end of each month, who can choose what gear they would like. We will take care of the bill, to a max value of $75. This could be equipment, apps, activities, books, or courses. Our only stipulation is that it needs to help achieve our Mission, which is to encourage you to add a little more adventure to your life.